Say It, Survivor was born when two cousins, abused in childhood by the same predator, reunited after thirty-five years apart and reported their abuser to the police.  They wrote about their experience publicly and had hundreds upon hundreds of survivors lend their voices to the chorus of, “Me too.”

Not everyone is at a place in their lives and in their healing where they can do that.

This blog is a platform for survivors of child sexual abuse to tell their stories anonymously.  All comments are moderated by the founders, and they are committed to maintaining a safe and supportive environment for everyone who participates.

If you are interested in having your story posted, please send it to sayitsurvivor@gmail.com – all submissions are subject to approval, and should be no longer than 1200 words in length.

**Stories may contain content that is triggering for survivors of sexual abuse.

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  1. Mark Kent says:

    i would like your blog by e.mail .i see NO subscribe

    i am disabled,was abused as a child



  2. hersheyoreo says:

    is it unusual for recovery to take years even though the rape happened over 35 yrs ago?


    1. Recovery happens when it happens. I’ve been dealing with the aftereffects of my abuse since it happens- and all of it, the good AND the bad ways I coped, are part of my recovery. Walking into that police station is not the story of my recovery, writing about it is not the story of my recovery- it’s ALL the story of my recovery. And it is incredibly common for survivors not to deal with their abuse until well into adulthood-more typical than not. You need only read the comments on He Wrote it Down to know that.


      1. hersheyoreo says:

        How do you write it down when it is such a mess inside?


      2. Writing to heal and writing to publish are two entirely different things. If you are writing to heal it can be a mess on the page, too. There’s a great book, “Expressive Writing: Words That Heal” by Pennebaker and Evans. Maybe start there. But tell your story, friend. Find a way. There’s healing in the telling.


      3. hersheyoreo says:

        who would want to read that mess?


      4. Do you know what happens when our stories are heard or read by other survivors? They feel less alone. Then they say, “Me too.” Then YOU feel less alone. That’s how healing works. If you want, I will read it. Write your truth and email it to me. I will bear witness for you.



      5. hersheyoreo says:

        my story isn’t as horrid as the other ones I have read. mine only happened once


      6. We do not do that. We do not compare trauma. Abuse is abuse is abuse. There is no “only” when you are violated. Just because you perceive someone else’s experience as having been worse does not mean you weren’t harmed or that you didn’t suffer. If you want to tell your story, we would be honored to publish it. Laura


      7. hersheyoreo says:

        I don’t know how to blog. I don’t even know how I found this space. I keep my computer open to this page so it wont take me hours to find out if you answered.

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      8. You don’t need to know how to blog. If you want us to post it on the Say It, Survivor blog you can just email it to us at sayitsurvivor@gmail.com and we will take care of it for you. It just needs to be 1200 words or less and completely anonymous. If you have any other questions, email me at laura.sayitsurvivor@gmail.com


  3. hersheyoreo says:

    Is rape similar to sexual abuse?


    1. Not entirely sure I understand the question. There is sexual abuse that does not include rape- but certainly rape is a form of sexual abuse. For a comprehensive definition of both terms I recommend going to rainn.org – they are a tremendous resource.


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