Story 32

Dear Mr Lawyer

How do you sleep at night?
Do you sleep comfortably, in expensive sheets? Or restless and taunted like me?
I know that job must pay well, but really.
How do you sleep at night?
Do you lie awake, tortured by the pain you have inflicted on hurt, vulnerable people?
Or do you lie awake at night, planning how to get your next paedophile off the hook?
Because really, I’d like to know…

You probably don’t remember me, to be honest I hardly remember you.
I do remember the way you painted me in front of that jury and how you made me feel like I was the guilty one on that stand.

Mr Lawyer, do you know how child sex offenders work?
Do you know they chip away at the assertiveness of their victims and replace it with fear?
Did you know they convince children that they are the ones in the wrong?
Did you know that they intentionally teach kids not to question authority?

Perhaps if you did, you would change your approach towards victims…
Perhaps if you did, you wouldn’t have accused me of being a liar when I finally found the
strength to confront my offender….
Perhaps if you did you wouldn’t have labelled me an attention seeker for having the courage
to speak about my battle on social media…..
Or would you continue to use these factors to your advantage, further oppressing victims and
setting guilty men free?
So I ask you one last time Mr Lawyer,
How do you sleep at night?

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Beth says:

    So much truth in this powerful piece. Injustice around abusers and the ones they hurt is EVERYWHERE, and this piece captures that so well. Thank you for sharing. ❤


  2. Beth says:

    Wow. Wow wow wow. Your writing is powerful and poetic and mesmerizing. I am angry on your behalf that you had the amazing courage to step forward — so many of us cannot — and this horrible person prevented you from any sort of justice. I’m grateful you shared this piece, though, because sadly I think many have dealt with the same. Thank you. ❤


  3. lizamryan says:

    You are so brave to have faced the courtroom and a lawyer who shouldn’t be able to sleep at night. We need to unite to make sure other girls/women/boys and men can find redress under the law when victims of sexual assault. You did nothing wrong. The system is wrong!!


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